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What Lighting System should I get for a baseball field?

by Barbara

Baseball is one game that everyone loves. It has been around for decades and it does not seem like it’s going to go away anytime soon. Integral to the game of baseball is the lighting system that is used in a baseball field. Without those lights, we probably won’t have the incredible night games that keep on the edges of our seats.

For people handling baseball stadium projects, getting the perfect lighting system is at the top of their minds. While LED baseball lights are currently trending, the list of lighting systems that can be used is not exclusively to LED lights.

This article should highlight some of these lighting systems that can be used.

The Best Lighting System for a Baseball field

1. LED Lighting System

One of the more obvious choices will be the LED lights. There are several reasons why they are considered popular. First, LED lights are quite affordable. They also take in way less energy and can be easily set up.

Also, they are really the future of the lighting system. For most people, choosing the LED lighting system is a no-brainer.

Another reason why they stand out is their lifespan. They can easily last for more than 40,000 hours. That’s a pretty long time.

2. Fluorescent Lighting System

Another option that is open to you will be the fluorescent lighting system. This lighting system is actually also a pretty decent choice.

However, it does not compare favorably with LED lights. Most people choose this type of light because they are looking for something traditional.

However, you should expect to spend more energy with a shorter lifespan.

3. Metal Halide Lighting System

Another option open to the lighting system is the metal halide bulbs. However, choosing this option might not be best for a baseball field.

First, this lighting system is much more expensive than all other lighting systems. Worse yet, it has the shortest lifespan with just about 10% of the LED lights lifespan.

Getting the metal halide lighting system will be a concerning choice for your business.

What Does This Mean

So what does this mean if you want to buy a baseball field? First, by a long shot, the LED lights are your best options for a baseball field. It’s just way better than the other competitors.

Also, the worst choice you can go with is the metal halide lighting system. They produce so much heat and burn a lot of energy. Plus, they are way more expensive than the other two options. The fluorescent lighting system should be used if you simply want something more natural.

However, the LED lights simply win this round over and over again.

Bottom Line

So here’s the bottom line. Baseball is a game that has a lot of fans and viewers around the world. To get the best out of the game, you need to get the very best lighting system available. That is the LED lights. Right now, there is simply no competition.

You should definitely consider it as the leading choice.

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