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What Are The Advantages of a Garden Hose Reel?

by Barbara

A hose reel is among the essential tools a gardener can own. Its primary purpose is to roll up hoses for storage until it’s needed for use. Garden hose reels are usually divided into two major groups: retractable and portable hose reels. The reels come in various styles and make like electric, automatic, manual, and semi-manual. But, they all serve the same purpose but differ in several ways like price, benefits, size, and installation. In this post, we look at garden hose reel benefits.

Benefits of a Garden Hose Reel

Like any other garden tool, garden hose reels have several factors that make them worth buying and add value to your work. They include;

1. Protection of the Hose

The hose reel’s material highly determines the kind of protection the hose gets. Tough polypropene is used to make the reels and is corrosion resistant. Other than the acids and alkalis, this material is not affected by UV light, which is known for damaging plastic materials that make the hose. It may cause cracks along its length resulting in leakages. A hose reel offers the best protection from the high temperatures and during winter. Also, it keeps the hose safe from animals such as rats which tend to nibble on it.

2. Enhances the Garden Look

An aesthetically pleasing space is inviting and what is in it is noticeable. For a flower garden, this is a significant characteristic. A hose reel ensures no hose is lying around, causing disorganization. Once its job is done, it’s tucked away, leaving the garden looking pretty.

3. Ensures Garden Safety

Most garden hoses are long. Especially those that cover extensive areas hence they can be a safety hazard is left lying around. Loops or knots can form, causing someone to trip and fall, mainly children running in the garden. Hose reels minimize accidents or risks that may occur. A disorganized hose can also damage any trees, flowers, or plants in the garden.

4. High-Efficiency Levels

A free-lying hose isn’t straight and tends to have loops or knots. Before watering begins, you must work on the hose to prepare it for the work ahead. A garden hose reel keeps the hose straight; hence the work commences immediately, and your productivity levels increases. Automatic or semi-manual reels later roll up the hose for you, making everything easier and you less tired.

5. Cost Saving

It is the primary benefit of a hose reel. Protection of the hose from damages, wear and tear causing leakages saves you the money needed for repairs or buying a new hose. Water pooling from the hose on the ground destroys the plants and makes the soil loose. So extra costs are added to replace the plants and fix the ground soil. Hence owning a reel is vital.

Bottom Line

A good gardening experience makes you want to do it more often, and a good gardening hose reel enhances it. Less energy is required to pull and straighten the hose, roll it back and secure it in the reel. As a gardener, your productivity becomes better and efficient.

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