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The Convenience of Having a Three-Way Smart Switch

by Barbara

When you are shopping for smart light switches, you may have encountered the three-way smart switch.

Is this different from a regular smart switch? Is it a better model?

If you have no idea how the three-way smart switch operates, then this guide will be a big help for you. Read on to know more about the three-way switch.

What is a three-way switch?

This is a type of single-pole switch that controls the light fixture of two locations in one location.

It is actually a common type of switch that is used in pairs and require special wiring connections.

For example, you can use a three-way switch for the lighting in the staircase area. You can place one switch at the bottom, then another switch at the top. Both switches control the light fixture above the stairs. This way, you get lighting, whether you are going up and down the stairs.

What makes it different?

One noticeable difference that you will notice with a three-way smart switch is that it is bulkier than a regular smart switch. The switch is usually thicker compared to single-pole switches.

Also, smart light switch bulk does not come with an on and off label, considering that they can turn on and off in any position, depending on how it is positioned from the other end.

You can also see a difference in the screw terminals. Single-pole switches have two screws, while three-way switches use three terminal screws and one ground screw.

Features of a three-way smart switch

– Remote control or the ability to control the light switch from your smartphone.

– A timer that allows you to automatically turn on or turn off the light fixture.

– Voice control to activate or deactivate your lights easily using Google Home, Alexa, and other smart home central hubs.

– Scene patterns that you can customize, such as dimming and brightness.

– LED indicator that helps you find the switch easily in the dark.

Installing a three-way smart switch

The process of installing a three-way switch is more complicated than a single-pole switch. Unless you have prior wiring knowledge, it is best to leave the installation to professional electricians to ensure that it will be done correctly. Otherwise, you might mess up and affect the whole household’s power source – this can cause you to spend more money than what you intended.

Purchasing a three-way smart switch

Smart devices are handy and convenient tools, so you have to make sure that you get a durable one, a product with a long lifespan and good quality. To ensure this, take the time to do some research online. You can find numerous articles on different smart switch products. Besides reading articles and reviews, you should also check out online stores and see what users have to say in their comments or feedback. This is one way to ensure that you are choosing the right product.

So, if you have areas or rooms in your house with two entryways, getting a three-way smart switch could be a good improvement.

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