Modern U-Shaped Villa Design with White Painted Exterior Features Baltic Sea View

Here are a modern U-Shaped villa design with white painted exterior features Baltic sea view. A modern villa with luxury design, surround with great and fresh nature, make this house feels so cozy. The villa opens to the south as a U-shaped body structure. The visitor enters the house protected by the elements in a projection on the west side. This western part of the house serves as a gateway impressive. Located on the top floor are the bedrooms, including restrooms and locker rooms, accommodating hosts and their guests. The spaces are located on the east side of the house. The structure is organized as a two storey dwelling. This means that the levels are offset from one another by half the story. Thus a multiple ramp flight becomes a major feature of the house design. It occupies the central space, connects the various levels with others and is therefore part of the experience of life in general. Adjacent rooms, such as the library of the house are open to this space in the middle, with a view. Let’s see the pictures below, and hope you inspired.

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