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How to Make Clean Outdoor Furniture Last

by Barbara

If you have a pretty garden, a patio, a great wooden deck, or a porch with a good view, outdoor furniture is a must! But since this furniture is exposed to elements, you should ensure that you clean outdoor furniture regularly so that they last longer and are ready to use when you have unexpected guests. To save you from embarrassment, here are some tips on how to clean outdoor furniture.

Clean outdoor furniture tips

Plastic outdoor furniture

Furniture made out of plastic and resin is very affordable and they come in a wide variety of styles. They also can get wet in the rain and stand splashes from a nearby pool so they are common material for outdoor furniture. They are not only cheap but they are easier to clean as well.

To clean plastic outdoor furniture, spray an all-purpose cleaner and just wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge. Never use abrasives since this can damage the surface.

Fabric outdoor furniture

This is not only applicable to fabric furniture like hammocks but also for fabric seat covers and cushions. Fabric gets dirty quickly so you have to clean them often and regularly. For fabric seat covers and cushions, you can simply just take them off and wash them on your washing machine. Make sure you have a second set of covers so that they can be replaced immediately.

Use dish soap and warm water to clean them up. Always air dry. Once they are clean, you should apply a water-repellant fabric protector to keep them clean longer.

Wicker and wood furniture

Furniture made out of wood and wicker is a popular material for its aesthetic look. But you can’t clean this type of furniture with a power washer.

For softwood, use a mild oil soap and a soft brush or sponge. You may need a toothbrush for wicker furniture to ensure that you reach every area.

For hardwood, use a mild laundry detergent and a soft brush. Do not use oil on hardwood furniture because it can cause mold and mildew growth.

Metal outdoor furniture

Furniture made out of stainless steel and wrought iron are also popular choices for outdoor furniture because of its durability against the elements. All it takes is to clean the surface with warm water, a mild dish soap, and a sponge and the metal surface can gleam like it’s new.

The problem with metal surfaces is that they are prone to rust. Make sure that you always coat the surfaces with a rust-resistant finish regularly. If rust is forming, use steel wool to remove the oxidation and reapply the anti-rust finish.

Last thoughts

When it comes to outdoor furniture, it is always best to stick with a durable garden hose than a pressure washer. They are gentler and will ensure that the water pressure will not cause major damage to the surface.

Outdoor furniture that looks dirty and weathered down is not an inviting look for you or your guests. With these tips for cleaning outdoor furniture, you will be able to have your outdoor furniture looking good all year long! Now you can enjoy more time outdoors with your family and friends!

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