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How To Decorate a Moon Shelf?

by Barbara

Shelves add life to dull walls. If you disagree with the statement, try walking into a bare-walled room. It will be just a casual sneaking-in and nothing to be excited about. And this is something not acceptable in modern living.

These days, life is more about contemporary styling. People are investing time and money to modernize their spaces. Shelves have popped up as one of the mandatory accessories to be added to the walls for the desired outcomes. Different designs of racks are available in the market, the moon shelf being one of the most demanded.

This blog post details the styling ideas of a moon shelf.

Ideas To Style and Decorate Your Moon Shelf

Moon Shelf in Living Room

The living room is an essential part of a house. It is where people spend most of the time during the day. Styling a living room brings a lot of good vibes. Adding a giant moon shelf to your living room on the most appropriate and exposed wall is an instant hit. The options are unlimited!

Add family photos to the moon shelf, which will warm your heart whenever you lay your eyes on it. Adding décor items such as candles, figurines, and other relevant materials alongside a few family-oriented placards is a great idea.

This is brilliant to see how a shelf can transform your boring place into an exciting one.

Moon Shelf in the Balcony

The balcony is the dreamiest place in any space. Rushing to the patio for quality time, a good read, or chatting upon coffee with your favorite person is familiar. Brighten up your balcony by adding a moon shelf to it. Surround fairy lights along the moon shelf’s periphery. Place small, succulent planters in it and see the magic. The option of adjusting artificial plant hangings from the moon shelf is marvelous. A well-decorated balcony with an Astroturf on the floor, a moon shelf on the wall, and plants around with excellent furniture is super- exciting.

Moon Shelf in Nursery

The moon shelf is the most adorable accessory for a nursery. Nursery is the place where you see your dreams grow. Adorn the walls of the nursery with a few moon shelves of different sizes. Keeping stuff toys, photo frames featuring a baby’s essential moments, tiny books, and other keepsakes can instantly project the whole environment.

Moon Shelf in the Cozy Corner

Suppose you are an introvert, the cozy corner in the house in your place. This corner takes you in its arm and consoles you to the best. Get yourself a bean bag, an indoor plant, a little rug, a mini table, and a moon shelf with a window in the background. Set the above-mentioned things in a decent way. Add candles, fairy lights, a mini succulent planter, essential oil diffusers, your favorite novels, and a jar of snacks, and enjoy the solace.


Living in a dreamy space is always exciting. Adding the perfect elements to it brings the right vibe. Moon shelves are trending because they are unique. They are simple, contemporary accessories with a larger-than-life effect. They can be used in a variety of ways. Use them in the living room, and the result is entirely different. The use of a moon shelf in the nursery brings you the most beautiful vibes. We gave you a few ideas to style your moon shelf and rock it!

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