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A Simple Guide For Installing A Wall-Mounted Garden Hose Reel

by Barbara

The Giraffe stainless steel wall-mounted hose reel is one of the top-rated hose reels on the market. It is made using high-quality materials, and it is durable and easy to use. Learn more about this product and how to purchase it on the official GiraffeTools.com website. In this post we look at garden hose reel installation.

Installing a wall-mounted garden hose reel

Before you think about installing a garden hose reel, one of the first things you should do is understand its anatomy.

The anatomy of wall-mounted garden hose reels

  • Internal wheel- this is the part where the garden hose is coiled and neatly stored. As the name suggests, it is an internal component.
  • External crank- is the component used to get the garden hose off and on the hose reel. Some garden hose reels usually have automated cranks operated using batteries. However, most wall-mounted garden hose reels use manual cranks.
  • Handle- this is the part that keeps the garden hose from falling off the reel. Most of the time, the handle also affects the quantity of the size of garden hose that the reel can hold. Therefore, garden hose reels with larger handles are always the better option. This is because they are easier to handle, and they keep the hose neater.
  • Mounting plate- this is the part that is usually attached to the wall.
  • Load tube- this is a small piece of tube that comes with the hose reel with a center opening. This is the part that connects the hose to the external water tap.

How to install a wall-mounted garden hose reel

Below is a simple guide on how to install this type of garden hose reel;

1. Choose the location

The first step is to choose the right location for installing the garden hose reel. Here, it is always wise to choose a location outside the house. The location needs to offer a fast connection to your garden and reach the external water tap effortlessly.

2. Hold the hose reel against the wall

Doing this will help you determine the exact position where the garden hose reel will go. When doing this, you also ought to decide the direction that the coil plate will face or be located. It is always wiser to keep it on the side of the house.

3. Drill holes on the wall

Once you have chosen the exact spot where you want the garden hose reel, the next step is to drill holes. The holes will be used to attach the mounting plate to the wall. The size of the hole depends on the brand and types of mounting screws provided. Note that not all brands provide mounting crews. Therefore, in some cases, you may have to purchase them separately.

4. Attach the mounting plate

When attaching the mounting plate, you ought to ensure that it aligns with the holes you drilled. From there, you can attach it with screws. Ensure that the plate is tightly screwed in place.

5. Connect the reel

Once the mounting plates are in place, connecting the reel should be effortless.


Note that the installation instructions may differ from one brand to the next. However, the best brands offer a manual to assist with the process. Meaning, the mounting process is a DIY process and not tedious.

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